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Want to diaper your baby for free? Check out my new hub page about how to convert an old t-shirt into a diaper without sewing a stitch!


Dappi Nylon Pants: Take Two

Dappi Nylon Pants
I recently purchased several of these Dappi nylon diaper pants from cottonbabies.com. They come in a package of 2 which costs $5.00. My son has worn them everywhere- and I mean everywhere; he has sat in the dirt, tussled with the dog, and ridden his little trike in nothing but his Dappi pants covered diaper- and they have held up beautifully! I have not had a single leak, even overnight. Yes, they do stain, but so do his other clothes that go where he goes. They are soft and light, and do not make his skin hot like other diaper covers, even the expensive pul ones. And I love the way I can get several uses between machine washes just by swishing them in the sink and hanging them to dry. I should have gotten some long ago. They are the best combination of economy and performance/ quality that I have come across in the diaper cover world.


Cheap Diaper Covers

Dappi Nylon PantsDappi Nylon Pants- 2 Diaper covers for $5!

Nylon lasts longer, breathes better and doesn't crack or release toxic odors like vinyl. These covers can be quickly hand washed in the sink with a little dab of soap and air dried in no time.


Indian Prefolds

Indian Prefold Cloth Diapers
These unbleached Indian cotton prefold diapers from cotton babies are the softest imaginable, and oh, so thick and absorbant. They come in preemie, infant and premium sizes. The preemie size is $1 a piece. Great for newborns and as doublers with the larger sizes. The infant size is $1.50 a piece and will fit babies up to 15 lbs, but they are also great as soakers inside pocket diapers, bunchies or inside gdiaper pants and other wrap style covers. The premium size fits up to 30 lbs and is $2 a piece. Best choice if you want to pin or snappi them around a variety of ages and sizes, but too big for a newborn.